30 Day Morning Challenge

JUNE 1st – 30th

30 classes in 30 days at either Studio
Monday through Friday any class from 6:30am to 12:15pm
Saturday and Sunday any class from 8:30am to 11:45am

Why participate in a 30-day morning challenge at The Yoga Sanctuary?

It takes 21- 30 days to form a new habit, so why not make it a healthy habit of opening, strengthening, unwinding, and detoxifying your body and mind? We want to see you invest in yourself this summer and develop, or rekindle, a love and passion for yoga. All you do, is commit, set your intentions, practice, and soak in the benefits of this amazing experience!

The Rules:

Complete 30 morning yoga classes in 30 days. Rain or shine, you are committing to a yoga practice to improve your mental and physical health. If you should skip one day, no problem, just double up classes on another. If you’re looking to take your yoga practice to the next level, here’s your chance! Chart your progress on our sticker board at the studio and keep us updated on social media with the hashtags #30daysofyogaTYS and #theyogasanctuary

We’ve got lots of awesome prizes lined up!

How to Register:

Please register at the front desk of either of our locations. You can purchase your 30-Day Morning Challenge pass online here or in the studio.
Students can purchase a special 30-Day Morning Challenge Pass for $50 to participate. The package will be available online May (package will auto activate on May 22nd , 2017).
*We love our Auto-Pay members! For those on Auto-Pay who wish to participate, The Yoga Sanctuary will add credit on your account for ONE FREE workshop this year valued at $50 or under. To receive this credit please ask our lovely administration Staff!

Benefits to your Body and Mind when you practice Yoga for 30 days consecutively.

Here are 30 medically proven benefits of yoga as you start your 30 Day Challenge.
1. Flexibility
2. Muscle strength
3. Posture
4. Mental Clarity
5. Emotional balance
6. Stronger core
7. Strengthen your breathing
8. Heart Health
9. Balance your blood pressure
10. Reduce Stress
11. Physical Balance
12. Boost meditation by quieting the mind
13. Grounding
14. Improved Mood
15. Increase your range of motion
16. Improve Gastrointestinal Health
17. Immune System Boost
18. Joint freeing
19. Increase Metabolism
20. Body Awareness
21. Self-mastery
22. Improved Memory
23. Lymphatic system health
24. Endurance
25. Decreases Asthma Symptoms
26. Arthritis Reduction
27. Sciatica Relief
28. Stimulates Insulin for Type II Diabetes
29. Emotion Self-Regulation
30. Better and more restful Sleep