Evolving Spirit ~ Deepen your Practice and Learn to Guide

250 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
April 5 – June 30

Join Co-Director Cynthia Funk, Senior Faculty members Karen Cove and Shehla Khan along with guest faculty Yosh Maeda, Kai Reicken and Carolyn Poplack.

This training will be held at our Danforth location

FREE Info Session

Sunday, March 3, 2018 > 4:00pm-5:30pm

The Yoga Sanctuary

95 Danforth Ave, Studio 2 (4th Floor)

Meet the Faculty, ask questions and learn more about our upcoming 250hr Fast Track Yoga Teacher Training!

If you would like more information and would like to attend this session, please sign up online or contact our Education Coordinator Joanne Bot (jo@theyogasanctuary.ca).

The Yoga Sanctuary began the Evolving Spirit 250hr Teacher Training Program in 2001.

Our graduates enjoy the benefits of this training for a lifetime. Some are teaching around the world, many here in our local community. We have created a comprehensive,

well-rounded, balanced program that will become the foundation of your yoga career and take your personal practice into new insightful places.

This unique program focuses on providing the highest caliber training from our experienced, passionate and compassionate faculty. Successful graduates will feel confident to teach classes in Ashtanga, Hatha and Vinyasa lineage. We admit a limited number of trainees into the program, all teaching faculty members are therefore able to provide effective personalized feedback. The Yoga Sanctuary offers assistance to trainees through regular communication and updates both in studio and online.

Course Overview

Asana, Assisting and Teaching Methodologies

  • Learn the poses of the Primary Series of Ashtanga yoga as taught by Shri K Patthabi Jois
  • Understand how to sequence a Vinyasa yoga class, a vigorous flowing style of asana practice
  • Learn and sequence poses classically taught in a Hatha yoga class
  • Develop class planning techniques using well thought out sequential development of poses for various levels of classes and different lengths of classes
  • Understanding the methodologies for teaching yoga for different sized public classes as well as private and semi private classes
  • Developing strong and clear communication skills appropriate for different teaching rooms and size of class
  • Learn various Pranayama (breathing) techniques and how to apply them for different classes
  • Develop a personal meditation practice
  • Learn meditation techniques, including different methods of guided meditation
  • Introduction to chanting in the ancient language of Sanskrit

Yoga History, Philosophy, Ethics and Lifestyle

  • General overview of Pantanjali’s Yoga Sutras an ancient teaching considered by many to be the “Heart of Yoga” including group discussions of the most important concepts presented in the Sutras
  • Origins of Yoga and the application of these ancient teachings for modern living
  • Introduction to the classical teachings and texts of yoga, including the Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita and the Hatha Yoga Pradipika

Yoga Anatomy, Physiology and Subtle Energy Systems

  • Fundamentals of the muscular and skeletal systems
  • Experiential and functional Anatomy as it relates to the practice and teaching of yoga
  • Introduction to Subtle Yogic Anatomy, Physiology and Energy Systems (the Chakra system)
  • Understanding the proper role and ethics in Teacher-Student relationship

Homework and Integrated Yoga Practice

  • Public yoga classes, any offered on our schedules at any of our locations
  • Observation classes which may include Karma classes and New Grad classes (exceptions are pre-registered courses, workshops and open practice classes)
  • Supervised practice teaching sessions with constructive feedback
  • Self Study/Homework includes reading texts, written assignments and oral presentations

Ongoing Support for Our Graduates

The Yoga Sanctuary offers different ongoing programs for graduates who are interested in continuing with various aspects of their studies free of charge.

Assisting Internship

The Yoga Sanctuary Assisting Internship program is available at each of our locations. This internship offers new grads the opportunity to assist in public drop in classes. Our Assisting program offers our new graduates a platform in which to refine and enhance their new skill set while being mentored by a senior teacher. A three (3) month minimum commitment is required.

New Graduate Classes

The Yoga Sanctuary provides new graduates an opportunity to teach on our public schedule! New graduate classes are taught in a Vinyasa style. This program offers a two-month opportunity (8 week session) for graduates to build their teaching experience within an established studio setting. These classes are offered at each location of The Yoga Sanctuary and are Hatha or Ashtanga styles.

Volunteer Positions

As a committed member of the community, The Yoga Sanctuary is requested to participate in various single community events, often many teachers are requested. We endeavour to call upon our new graduates to participate! This adds yet another opportunity for grads to build their resume!

Fast Track Fees and Payment Plans

$3,875 (not subject to HST)

Early Bird Discount – enroll by March 5th / save $250